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milo logo
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Milo Animal Licensing

Simple and playful design for an animal licensing application, yet traditional enough for the municipal market. The diverse blue palette represents the companies roots in Quebec. Visit Our Case Study

milo banner milo color palette


Cancer Coalition logo
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Cancer Coalition

Cancer Coalition Quebec is an organization comprised of over 45 groups in Quebec. The branding for the Cancer Coalition was built with the goal of being inclusive for people of all backgrounds who have been affected by cancer. The multi-colored logo represents people affected by all the various types of cancer. Visit Our Case Study

Cancer Coalition banner Cancer Coalition color palette


legal delta logo
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Legal Delta

An official looking design to depict a legal arbitrator representing investors and construction companies. The colorful lines reflect the numerous stakeholders required to bring a construction project to successful completion.

legal delta main banner legal delta color palette


the coffee box logo
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The Coffee Box

This eco-friendly design incorporates an image of a coffee bean in the O to reflect the yin yang pleasure coffee brings to the impassioned morning ritual.

the coffee box main banner the coffee box color palette


LoanLogik logo
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The robust, richness of Italian espresso is replicated in the choice of black and gold colors. The creative paradigm of artisanal roasters is shown in the font and draws from an authentic Italian feel. Visit Our Case Study

Dinapoli main banner Dinapoli color palette


LoanLogik logo
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Money, loans, and approval process mean stress and frustration for buyers. The colors represent finance, while the font is simple and friendly to attract borrowers.

LoanLogik main banner LoanLogik color palette