DiNapoli Caffè

DiNapoli worked with Blü to create a refreshed new look for their website and packaging.

"The website’s approachable management tools for customers have changed the way their clients interact with DiNapoli."

About DiNapoli Caffè

DiNapoli is a full-service provider of coffee and coffee machines to offices and restaurants throughout Quebec. Focusing on high quality Italian roasted coffee, packaged in eco-friendly compostable pods and designed to be brewed in imported, Internet-enabled (IoT) espresso machines that provide real time data on consumption and inventory management for their clients.

Our mandate was to develop a new website that would be able to visually inform prospective clients of the DiNapoli advantage in quality and logistical process, integrate a sales funnel to convert visitors to prospective clients (leads) and allow clients to view & manage their accounts online.

Communicating Ideas For Successful Projects

Listening to our client we understood that the boldness and robustness of their coffee was emblematic in their core values. We transferred this theme into our design to create a compelling website to engage their main target audience of restaurants and offices seeking an upgrade from their current coffee provider, specifically targeting users of high-end coffee providers like Nespresso and office Keurig.

With the use of interactive questionnaires and lead capturing tools, the website serves as an integral part of DiNapoli’s client acquisition and marketing strategy.

Working Together to Reach Goals

With a refreshed corporate identity displayed throughout their packaging and website, DiNapoli’s new look is emblematic of the strengthening performance of this local company. The website’s approachable management tools for customers have changed the way their clients interact with DiNapoli, shortening the order process by removing several steps in the fulfillment and delivery process.

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