Milo Pet Management

Milo Pet Management worked with Blü to create an integrated, easy to use, cloud-based application.

"The public response to the flexibility of the Milo application has garnered interest from over 50 communities across Canada."

About Milo Pet Management

A group of animal lovers saw the need for municipalities and animal control centres to streamline the process of registration and accounting for all animals in their communities. They came to us with their idea to develop a powerful SaaS application that would be more than just a database of animals. This application had to offer flexibility for the pet owners and administrators; and provide tools that would be useful in the management of municipal by-laws.

Communicating Ideas For Successful Projects

The Blü Creative team took data collected from interviews with key stakeholders in the field of pet management, and organized it into 5 key areas to develop one easy-to-use application that could provide online pet registrations, manage the fulfillment of licenses, offer flexible reporting for managers, act as a resource tool for public security, and have uploading capability for administrators to post articles or public notices.

Integrating all these functionalities required detailed, strategic modelling to ensure the user experience for both pet owners and administrators was easy, intuitive, and practical.

Working Together to Reach Goals

Blü created an application for Milo Animal Licensing that provides a malleable and rich source of data, customization, reporting, and management controls for municipalities and humane societies to better manage their pet populations. Fast load times, simple page navigation, and a clean interface make this application as appealing as it is useful! We took extra measures to protect personal data and online payments using best practices for security and stress testing. The public response to the flexibility of the Milo application has garnered interest from over 50 communities across Canada in its first few months after launch.

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