Bank of Hours

A flexible solution for your branding, graphic design, and web development needs. No restrictions. No waiting. No nonsense.

How it works

Based on an assessment of your current digital marketing needs, we provide you with a bank of hours that can be used for all of our services. Graphic design, web development, social media or consulting, scale up or down according to your business demands.

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  • Your time. Your choice.

    Use for any of our services. More hours = better rates.

  • Production

    Our team designs, creates and modifies.

  • Done

    Signoff on your new designs.

Billing that helps you manage costs

Blü Creative’s customized approach helps clients of all sizes. Billing in 15 minute increments means no more waiting to save enough work for your agency. Call us for a simple photo edit or a major web upgrade. We’re always happy to hear from you!

Overview of clients Bank of Hours dashboard

Flexible solution

You need digital specialists at your fingertips. We offer scalable hourly rates so you get serious ROI on your marketing, development and graphics investment.

Need a team?

Based in North America, our teams are available to work on your projects immediately. What’s more, if you have multiple deliverables, we can assign more qualified team members to your project to get you through a rush.

List of teammates being toggled on and off

Clients price going down as they add more hours

Return on Investment

Billing in 15-minute increments, we ensure your money really impacts your marketing and business deliverables. The more hours in your bank of hours program, the less you pay for your services. Imagine the savings with bulk pricing for all your online projects!

Let’s talk hours. Tell us your digital marketing needs and we’ll customize a plan for you. Sign up