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Graphic Design

The coffee box logo
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Design of Inner & Outer Packaging & Inserts

The Coffee Box is a Subscription Based Coffee Shop providing specialty coffee to patron’s doors via delivery.
The project included creating the designs for the outer and inner packaging of the CoffeeBox delivery kit. This also included the design of an in-mail marketing asset which would be updated every shipment. The designs had to remain simple, sustainable, and reflect its start-up roots.

The coffee box main banner The coffee box color palette


National Democratic Trading Committee logo
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Marketing Materials for Online Courses

NDTC (National Democratic Training Committee) is an online learning platform for aspiring democratic candidates at all levels.
The online course marketing materials were designed to be visually appealing, intuitive and accessible for those with disabilities. The target market was students of ages 20-65.

National Democratic Trading Committee main banner National Democratic Trading Committee color palette


DiNapoli logo
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Design of Product Packaging

DiNapoli is a provider of Italian coffee and espresso machines for professional offices and restaurants. 
The packaging of the coffee pouches and outer packaging was designed to provide a visually intuitive differentiation of the assortment of robust coffee types DiNapoli carries while conveying richness in flavor and sophistication of their coffee collection.

DiNapoli main banner DiNapoli color palette


Invitation V logo
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Design of Restaurant Menu’s & Marketing Materials for Special Events

The design of menus and special event descriptors was done for this vegan restaurant in Montreal.
Invitation V wanted a look and feel that elicits an invitation to a unique take to fresh, plant-based dishes. Through a combination of design and color pallets the design had to be timeless and editable so that it can be reused for multiple events and menu changes.

Invitation V main banner Invitation V color palette


5 Continents logo
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Design of Informational Packets & Mail Marketing

5 Continents is a full-service aggregator for travel agents and suppliers.
We designed marketing assets which included Destination Informational packets, brochures and Incentive Mail campaign pieces. Our successful design challenge was to deliver designs for products that highlight the destination being promoted while remaining true to the Corporate Branding of the client.

5 Continents main banner 5 Continents color palette


LoanLogik logo
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Design of Marketing Materials

LoanLogik is a SaaS-based Financial Client Relationship Manager (CRM) with added flexibility tools like Payment processing, ACH/EFT features and Smart Contracting. Marketing Assets were created based on their Corporate Branding that included a modern, clean and cutting-edge design that is necessary in the FinTech space. These assets were printed for their trade-shows. Visit Our Case Study

LoanLogik  main banner LoanLogik color palette


Milo logo
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Design of Tradeshow Marketing Materials

Milo Animal Licensing markets to municipalities and pet management organizations. We applied the Corporate Branding we designed to their trade-show marketing assets. This includes Brochures, Flyers, Business Cards, Coroplast Signs, Banners and Trade-Show Stands. Visit Our Case Study

Milo main banner Milo color palette


HPV logo
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Informational/Educational Materials

HPV Awareness is a National, bilingual, registered charity established in 2002, empowering Canadians to make informed healthy choices about their relationships and sexuality. All designs were carefully crafted to be gender neutral and resonate with students across Canada. Products designed are used in over 50 events per year and include Banners, Flyers, Brochures and document packets.

HPV main banner HPV color palette