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Blu Creative is a digital design and marketing agency that redefines creativity. We’ve helped shape the digital marketing industry in North America, and we want to help you push your marketing to new levels. Our team is local, accessible, and highly talented. Ready to jump start your project?


Looking to increase online sales? Our UI/UX team can help you find choke points in your website, and streamline your sales funnels to drive sales and conversions


Your branding is your first impression, Our branding specialists can help you build a branding package that pushes your core values, and wows your target audience


Selling products online? We service all your e-commerce needs from set up to optimizations. Talk to our experts to see how we can help your online business reach new heights


A Few Reasons Why We're Right For You

Our multi-faceted team of specialists can take on any digital project ranging from graphics and development to marketing and SEO optimizations

Based in North America

Enough of the killer time zone differences when using subcontractors. We are based in the East coast and have office hours that are west coast friendly.

Billable hours done in 15-minute increments

Are you waiting to accumulate work in order to fill a full hours worth. With our marketing outsourcing packages, we can bill in 15-minute increments, saving your organization time and money!

In-House team of web and graphic specialists

Everything we do, we do inhouse. No subcontracting out for us. Some of the most recognized agencies in North America send us their work. So why use a middle man?

In-House team quality without the hassle

Rather than hiring graphic designers and web designers and having to pay them salaries and benefits, as well managing the HR demands of extra staff, outsource to a dedicated team of web and graphic specialists! We give you all the quality of a dedicated team minus the HR headaches.


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