Our Process

Our process is designed to give you the best shot at success.


When you become our client, we want to get to know you. Through our detailed onboarding process, we learn about your business and understand your objectives so together we can determine your goals


Expanding on the insights gained, our creative team works with you to produce a design that reflects your core values and engages your audience


We incorporate the best UI / UX practices and trends to develop your project with the latest design elements, and frameworks in order to keep your digital presence current, intuitive and impactful


After a thorough testing process, we launch your site with ongoing traffic analytics and optimize it to reach your intended audience

bank of hours program

A flexible solution for your branding, graphic design, and web development needs. No restrictions. No waiting. No nonsense.
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Milo Tag

An app that allows Municipalities and Animal Shelters to sell and manage animal licenses, pay for fines, report lost or stolen animals and communicate with residents that are pet owners.

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Why Choose Blü?

Advanced features that sets us apart from the competition

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Flexible Time Increments

Are you waiting to accumulate work in order to fill a full hours worth? With our marketing outsourcing packages, we can bill in 15-minute increments, saving your organization time and money.

In-House Team
Quality, No Hassle

Everything we do, we do in-house. When design specialists and sales teams work alongside each other, it means better communication of your project. We take care of clients together, we visualize creations together, we even lunch together!

Simple. Fast.

We offer multiple options for our clients to communicate, assign work and monitor progress. These are some of the tools we use and can provide access to our clients for simple and transparent project management.

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Where does Blü fit in?

Whether you are just setting up or already have a product in production, we have something for you.

  • Website Development
    Website creation based on client and consumer needs
  • Mobile Apps
    App software to run on a mobile device or tablet
  • SaaS Apps
    A software distribution model that is hosted in the Cloud
  • eCommerce
    Selling/buying of goods and services electronically over the internet
  • Database Management
    Creating, retrieving, manipulating and managing data
  • Hosting
    A service provider that houses and maintains websites to make them accessible on the web
Digital Marketing
  • Website Optimization
    Coding your website so it will rank higher in search result pages
  • Email Campaigns
    An email sent from your business to get recipients to take action or engage with you
  • Reputation Management
    Influencing and controlling your reputation when %$@# hits the fan
  • AdWords
    Using keywords to get your ads seen
  • SEO / SEM
    Review the current state of your digital presence to build more efficient websites and campaigns
Graphic Design
  • Logos & Brand Identity
    A visual representation that makes you recognizable to consumers. Using color, shape, images and form to improve brand recognition
  • Promotional Materials
    Find the perfect promotional items to spread word of your brand
  • Packaging
    Designing and producing memorable packaging for your product
  • UI / UX Design
  • Interactive Prototypes
    Fully interactive, clickable wireframes and prototypes during web-based development
  • Motion Graphics
  • Strategic Planning
    Aligning business strategies with business goals
  • Creative Planning
    Align your creative needs with your business goals
  • Marketing Plans
    Strategies and tactics to excite your current and potential customers
  • Business Plans
    A written description of what you’re going to do now, how you plan to do it, and your future plans

Based In North America

Enough of the killer time zone differences when using subcontractors. We are based in the East coast and have office hours that are west coast friendly.

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