Accessibility for Disabled Users Services

Harnessing the power of AI, complimented by our expertise, to provide access disabled users access to your websites.

Why should your site be accessible?

1 out of 4 people in North America live with a disability. Over a billion people, from coast to coast to coast are wanting to access your website and digital content. With the support of Blu Creative and our automation tools, we can help expand your market reach, attract more potential clients and improve how you serve existing clients. Moreover, depending on your jurisdiction in the US and Canada, there are moral and legal responsibilities combined with fines and potential legal litigation for not providing access to everyone to your digital content. Partnering with Blu Creative to address your ADA, AODA, WCAG compliance is cost effective, efficient and ensures you avoid legal issues. Through our manual and automated remediation tools, combined with our on-site widgets that provide personalized instances of your digital experience to suit your visitor and their specific disability, you are creating good business opportunities for your future.

The Value of providing Web Accessibility through ADA and WCAG

Increase your market size

25% of the North American population lives with a disability. That is a market size with a buying power of over $1.2 Trillion USD. By being able to serve this market, you are forming long term business relationships that increase your bottom line.

Avoid Litigation and Fines

By being ADA, AODA and WCAAG 2.1 AA compliant, you are not only meeting the moral obligation of providing equal access to every user, you are also avoiding potential legal repercussions. Through automated remediation and audit reporting, markets like California in the US and Ontario in Canada have statutory damages entrenched in the law.

As reference, a lawsuit under the Unruh Civil Rights Act can get a statutory damage of $4,000 per web accessibility compliance violation in California.

In Ontario, the fines for failure to comply with AODA standards start at $50,000 per day for an individual or unincorporated organization, up to $100,000 per day for corporations.

Improves your Sites SEO

Accessibility of your site can have an overall improvement on the performance of your site in generating traffic from search engines. Because search engines penalize sites that are not accessible, your sites ongoing remediation increases your ranking on search engines.

Market research by SEMRush and reviewed the performance of sites before and after being accessible and they found that organic traffic on sites that were accessible increased 73.4%, while overall traffic from search engines to newly accessible sites increased 12%.

Automated Remediation saves you Money

Blu Creative’s automated remediation tool helps your sites compliance at all times. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, we ensure that your site is always ready for use.