Distributor of juvenile products

KidzDistrict works with Blü to create a two-tiered eCommerce website for their commercial and retail market.

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company details
  • Industry Pet Management
  • Product
  • Location Montreal

About KidzDistrict

KidzDistrict is a distributor of quality baby, toddler and juvenile products throughout Canada. They came to us with a desire to grow their business through an online store that would develop their market across Canada.

Our mandate was to develop a corporate identity online that visually represented their core values and find an e-Commerce solution that would unify the needs of their existing B2B clients while allowing them to begin tackling the B2C market.

the approach

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Given KidzDistrict’s need to expand their markets beyond individual consumers, we chose the highly customizable Shopify e-commerce platform as a base for the solution. By extensively modifying this platform, we were able to address their needs to create a strong e-Commerce tool with a visually appealing interface. With more than 800 pages and two completely different target markets, the task of categorizing inventory and providing customers with the correct catalogue pricing required specific selection, installation, setup and data rollout of a custom plugin to sort the clients by B2B and B2C in an automated manner.

At the request of KidzDistrict, we also developed a unique application (not available through Shopify at the time), using the API’s of Google Maps in order to generate an “Up-To-Date” locator of the thousands of stores that sell KidzDistrict products, where they can filter by city, distance range, and product line.

the results

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The design of this e-commerce website gave KidsDistrict the ability to internally manage their products and inventory, automating a key aspect of their sales process, giving them the ability to do more with their existing staff, and generating a sales process that was replicated throughout the company. Our monthly management service continues to provide them quick maintenance and upgrades for their site and ensures a support system that is faster than the traditional Shopify support, while being able to execute the modifications.

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