Consumer lending company

Micro-Loan worked with Blü to create a new way of doing business through the power of automation, eCommerce and a customized CRM.

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company details
  • Industry Loan Management
  • Product
  • Location Montreal

About Micro-Loan

Micro-Loan is a personal short-term financing company, focused on the consumer market. They came to us with a goal to expand their business outside of the Montreal market without dramatically increasing their overhead.

Traditionally, Micro-Loan managed loan applications through “in-person” meetings and phone requests. As an industry based on volume, the company would never be able to grow outside its local Montreal market without incurring huge debit to open locations across Canada. They tasked us with increasing their reach to potential clients without leaving their home base in Montreal.

the approach

Communicating Ideas For Successful Projects

Blü Creative developed a custom Client Relationship Management tool (CRM) that included company specific automations in order to increase the amount of applications the company could process, without increasing their number of employees. Being a Cloud-based solution (SaaS), the CRM would allow the company to be able to accept potential clients from around Canada, not just the local Montreal market.

Through rigorous audit and research program, we were able to develop automation processes for procedures that were essential for the treating prospective client applications. The development was executed while taking into consideration local and national laws impacting how websites manage client data, like Law C-28 for consent management, and web security protocols like SSL/TLS 1.2+, and PCL compliance.

the results

Working Together to Reach Goals

With the rollout of the CRM SaaS solution, we were able to increase the volume capacity of the company by 400%, without requiring them to increase thei0r staff load.  This increase in volume permitted Micro-Loan to open its’ services from Coast to Coast and reduce the amount of “Walk-in” traffic they needed to address. 

In their first year of operations, this company was averaging 30,000 unique visits per month, 18,000 applications per month and a growing number of signed clients year after year.

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